I Talk To Diana For Maybe The Last Time

Dear Diana Jones [Program Supervisor; Board of Lane County Commissioners]:
I received a missive that you were out of the office last Friday, and I was like “You go, Girl! Get that Weekend Freak on! The Eugene Emeralds Stadium issues can wait until Monday. The vote isn’t until Tuesday anyway.”

Hey, would it not be funny is some random guy like me won the Powerball thingy tonight, and bought the Emeralds and decided that my money would be better spent on a potential stadium property not related to the Fairgrounds (after I lightly admonished Allan Bernavides [General Manager; Eugene 66ers] for never returning my texts or missives). Yeah, well some lucky benefactor winning the lottery and financing the Ems’ Stadium is just a pie in the sky dream. It is not happening, which is why it is imperative that the Lane County Supervisors make sure the Fairground partnership with the Ems’ happens.

The clock is running out, Diana. Yes, baseball is not supposed to have a clock, but stadium financing and land partnerships do. Lane County needs the Emeralds because professional baseball instills self-esteem in a community. Salem, Oregon is still reeling from losing their team, and the state capital has to live with an independent team called the Pickles. Sure, the Pickles are a fine organization that promotes themselves in a very entertaining manner, but they are the Pickles.

Can you imagine a Emerald Valley without Sluggo, the beloved mascot of the Emeralds? Without your support, Sluggo is going to get mothballed and thrown into a dark closet on the Island of Misfit Toys. Do you know how many elementary school reading programs will sputter without Sluggo? Without Sluggo, the Emeralds Valley could transform into the Illiteracy Valley. We all know the road to meth addiction is paved with the souls of those who cannot read. I do not think the Lane County Commissioner want to be responsible for that.

Anyway, I trust you will listen to the masses and ensure the partnership will happen. Lunch time is approaching, and this belly is not going to feed itself.

Your friend in baseball,Bads85

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