I Introduce George to the AFL

Dear George Bateman [Ticket Sales Coordinator; Inland Empire 66ers]:

     I took your advice last night and wore the Spirit jersey. Unfortunately, the Baseball Bug did not make an appearance, but time marches forward. I am not sure what to wear for the final 50 Cent Friday — maybe a Zombie Apocalypse jersey, or maybe something a bit less loud.
     I do think I need to clarify something: my missives will not end with the season. I have already commenced planning for next season. The future is now! The Stockton Ports have already released their 2020 schedule! They are hosting the 2020 California League All Star Game. I am hoping that Taylor McCarthy [General Manager; Stockton Ports] gets me a All Star polo as he and I have grown pretty tight this year. I even wore a Ports shirt in Switzerland.
      Anyway, my point is the 66ers are already behind. We need to catch up. I would suggest a road trip to the Arizona Fall League as a team bonding activity. You should approach GM Joe to make this happen. We can rent a big house on VRBO with a pool, check out some gems, but most importantly, we can begin attacking the promotional schedule with bellyfuls of liquor.
       See you tonight at the game.
Your friend in baseball,

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