Sam and I Keep the Discussion Going

Dear Sam Hansen [Director, Marketing Creative; Fresno Grizzlies]:

Imagine my chagrin when I arrived to your fine stadium last Friday night and discovered it was not Growler Night, but Grower Night! Holy Ghost of Tom Joad, what a blunder on my part. I also spelled you surname incorrectly in my first missive, and I apologize for that. As you well know though, stuff like that happens in the minor leagues, and we can only go forward because there is no going back.

We really did enjoy the ambiance of Chukchansi Park as the 12,000 really seemed to be enjoying themselves rather than grumpily eating steaming hot bowls of phlegm like one might see the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes’ fan base do. The tri-tip throwdown was amazing, and one did not have to wait in the extremely long and slow Professional Sports Catering lines. The concourse was truly a place where my traveling companion, Peacock, had room to fly. The bar in left field is outstanding, although the set up for your employees there leaves a great deal to be desired. Overall though, I had such a positive experience that I changed my rankings of Pacific Coast League parks I have visited:

Bads85’s new ranking of PCL Parks in terms of AMBIANCE:

El Paso



Round Rock






San Antonio


New Orleans

Colorado Springs (no longer AAA0

I will be going to Las Vegas and Nashville later this season, so I will pass along further updates when they become available.

I do have some questions after visiting your park:

  1. I saw two tractors on opposite side of the concourse. Do they ever race, say like before the gate open? Just a few employees standing around, placing bets, then then someone drops their arm, and the tractors tear through the concourse.
  2. Why have you not built a statue of Michael Baker yet? The man slashed beer prices and made the left field pavilion a destination spot. Erect a statue! Make sure you put it inside the gates though so no hobos will molest it. 
  3. Speaking of hobos, Fresno is full of them. Do you guys ever just turn on the fountains in right field, open the gate, and let those poor folk bathe? I am sure studies will indicate that a clean homeless population leads to economic growth.
  4. Any chance of the team store getting some Grizzlies’ shot glasses? This is very important if you want to expand your brand. Adam Franey [former Director of Promotions; Inland Empire 66ers] found this out too late and now he works for a macro beer company. Sometimes I miss Adam.
  5. I see the Taco Truck Throwdown is on August 17th, and the team will be in Tacoma. As the immortal Pepper Brooks once said, “That is a bold strategy, Cotton.” Having a promotion while the team is on the road is mad genius, kind of like early Duran Duran before that “Wild Boys” bullshit. 

Anyway, I hope to make it back to Fresno this summer for another game, but I do have so many more commitments because I am a guy in high demand. 

Your friend in baseball,


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