Ms. Fischer Delivers Some Hard News

Dear Sam Fischer [Director of Marketing and Fan Relations; Asheville Tourists]:

Thank you for your response as I know you are a very busy individual this time of year, with the start off the 2019 campaign just a week away. Your news has filled my mouth with the bitter taste of disappointment, but copious amounts of bourbon will remedy that. I understand this is not your fault; nothing is enduring in the minor leagues. Sand castles last longer in hurricanes than promotional shirts in the South Atlantic League.

I am not really interested in a “Beer City” shirt because every city thinks it is Beer City. Why, my little burgh in the foothills of the San Bernardini Mountains has four breweries, all making outrageous claims. Any unemployed biologist these days who can front some capital can start churning out beer. I am interested in bidding on the jersey though because I collect jerseys, but most importantly, I am a great giver. What charity will “Beer City” support? And will the jerseys class with my natural golden highlights?

I completely understand that the Asheville Tourists possess the trademark for Thirsty Thursday, You see, Ron McKee is a bit of an idol of mine. The man pretty much saved minor league baseball in Asheville in the 1980’s, but across the country. Outside of Asheville, he is almost forgotten, but the minors were dying then until McKee’s revolutionary promotions were embraced by other teams.

While the Tourists have the trademark for Thirsty Thursdays, that does not necessarily mean they were the first organization to use this promotion, which actually originated on college campuses. As they say out West though, then the legend becomes fact, print the legend. McKee had the sense to trademark the expression, so that part of history belongs with him while the ghosts of Seals Stadium have no voice these days because of wrecking balls and the passing of time.

I will definitely take a picture next to Thirsty Thursday trademark though. BTW, what are beers going for these days at McCormick Field on Thirsty Thursday? The natives are restless at San Manuel Stadium, home of the Inland Empire 66ers.

Your friend in baseball,


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