I Discuss Brandiose With Wade

Dear Wade Howell [Vice President; Down East Wood Ducks and Hickory Crawdads]:

Brandiose! Get out my head! When we were not solving the world’s problems between pitches this weekend at San Manuel Stadium, we were discussing if Brandiose had jumped the shark and was losing their touch (well, when we weren’t playing Gypsy Curse, a game were an angry gypsy puts some of her bad magic on you, and you can only talking in pop cultural references). Make no mistake, Jason and Casey are goddamned geniuses that completely changed the face of minor league marketing, making it big business. Almost all of their work is brilliant with a couple of misses along the way. I mean, even those guys cannot bat 1.000

However, one can only go to the same creative well so many times, and when a big part of your schtick is angry, cute things, well, eventually you are going to design a pissed off Sod Poodle or an ugly raccoon masquerading as a rocket panda. The bad ass, determined look is cool and all, but when every logo/promo across the league involves some bulked up scowling creature, then things start to blend. Brandiose designed the 5 O’clock Dock character for the Stockton Ports’ Asparagus Alternative Uniforms, which is basically a really mad longshoreman branding a giant asparagus as weapon. Eat you asparagus or get an ass whipping!

Your Collard Greens Dude is refreshing because he is smiling and not all about sharp angles to make him look tough. He looks like he is happy to be at the ballpark rather than waiting to shank someone in the parking lot over a minor league turf dispute. Plus, the color scheme is very, very crisp. I am glad that the merchandise is moving. Hopefully, you will ordering more.

The 66ers had their first Copa thingy last night. Last year, they had one of the most successful Copa programs, mainly because of the large Hispanic population in the area, and El Cucuys are poignant creatures in Hispanic culture — the monster under the bed type thing that scares the bejeezus out of little kids. However, the 66ers started running it into the ground, and they need to more than just play traditional Mexican music before the games to hold fan interest. Te paid attendance last night was over 3,800, but many people appeared to come get their Cucuy bobbleheads and leave.

Well, Opening Weekend is closing? Do you get to do this again in Hickory this week? I don’t realize Hickory s so far away from Kinston. That church bulletin promo they do on Sundays seems brilliant on paper, does it work?

Your friend in baseball,



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