Cesar E. Chavez Middle School/IE 66ers Career Pathways Proposal

The Inland Empire 66ers and Cesar E. Chavez Middle School seek to enrich their partnership by creating a Career Pathways project that will allow Chavez students to explore possible careers in certain sports related vocations while also developing the valuable skills necessary for many vocations. The 66ers will graciously allow Chavez students to shadow certain employees on low attendance game nights and perform job tasks. The 66ers will also mentor the Chavez students through an internship program, and allow the Cesar Chavez Video Production (CCVP) team to record pre and post game activities and also record game time activities. CCVP will use their own equipment for these purposes, and will only use this video footage for instructional purposes at Chavez Middle School and not broadcast any footage. The Career Pathways project will create enduring programs that future students will be able to utilize also. The following career pathways will be available:

 Sports Journalism


  1. Game recaps (beat reporter)
  2. Photos
  3. Scouting reports/statistical analysis


  1. play by play of games (video and audio)
  2. pre/post game reports
  3. interviews


  1. Long term game promotions (print/digital/video)
  2. Between inning promotions (create audio and video ads for sponsors)
  3. Social media
  4. Sound effects/video bytes
  5. Group sales promotions
  6. Music integration

Print/Graphic Design

  1. Team history/photo archive (graphic recreations)
  2. Bernie’s Children Books
  3. Video log

Public Relations/Customer Service

  1. Greeting customers
  2. Customer assistance
  3. Community Service

Sports Medicine

  1. First aid
  2. Trainer shadowing

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