More 66er Playoff Game Notes

I have a few game summaries that I never posted her from the 66er playoff run last year This was an early game against the Lancaster JetHawks:

It is the Military Aerospace Industry (JetHawks) versus the Automobile Cruisers (66ers) tonight.

Two dollar tickets for tonite’s game—$8.50 beers though.  A Belgian waffle with full toppings in only six bucks. I am a bit alarmed with this development – don’t piss off the baseball gods in the playoffs!

Wind is blowing out at San Manuel Stadium – could be a high scoring affair.

The home crowd is a boisterous for the first inning. I have a feeling that THE FAITHFUL were pounding adult beverages elsewhere before the game.  THE FAITHFUL look like unkempt Duck Dynasty dudes. You can sell a group of people season tickets, but you can’t make them bathe.

The Jethawks’ pitcher just lobbed the third out into the stands. Nice form. The pressure of an elimination game is INTENSE.

No score after the first inning because groundballs don’t fly out of the park in the wind.

And the wind turns a long fly into a ground rule double.  The Baseball gods heard about the $8.50 beers.

San Manuel Stadium has an organist and a DJ because that is the way they roll. The organist just played “Hey Jude” after at JetHawk strikeout.

It is time for the Subway Cold Cut Combat! Kids race to make a giant fake sandwich on the third baseline. What will they think of next?

Godzilla on the big screen is leading the crowd to clap to “Boom Town Races”. Squash some cars, Big Fella!

Hey, Chris Epps! You are the number seven hitter in A ball. You aren’t allowed to cry to the ump about calls.

Abel Baker is not much of a baseball name. Good thing he won’t be making The Show.

No score after two innings because solid contact is not being made.

No fair making the guy with the highest contact rate the Beer Batter of the Game. The baseball gods are growing angrier.

66er catcher throws behind runner on first to nail his ass for the third out of the inning.

Kat and Little Bads make the big screen for the “YMCA”. God, I am worried about my kids.

No score after three innings because of the absence of clutch hits.

If your last name was Heineman, why would you named your kid Tyler unless you want him to get beat up?

Pop foul ball just hit some old lady in the leg. The baseball gods are demanding a sacrifice!

No score after four innings because these fuckers can’t hit.

No score after five innings because it is a pitchers’ duel!

Five Guy Junior PA Announcer coming up. This kid doesn’t have mange. In fact, he is going to grow up to be a LADY KILLER.

SOUND THE HORN! Sixers up 1-0 because Zach Borenstein has the will to win. “Welcome to the Jungle” is blasting. THE FAITHFUL can taste a championship.

So the 66ers’ bat boy tonight is the son of one of Mrs. Bads high school friend. It is a small world, but as Steven Wright once said, I wouldn’t want to paint it.

HBP. THE FAITHFUL want blood.

66ers leave the bases loaded. 1-0. This could very well bite them on the ass. And just like that, the JetHawks put a runner on first.

Epps is up again. I wonder if he is related to the Pittsburg Steelers’ coach, Mike Epps. Probably not the son of the dude from House wouldn’t strike out with a runner on base.

Seventh inning stretch. And that infernal Journey song that Tony Soprano brought back to life. The rock n’ roll gods served their justice in an Italian hotel room, but the song still plays.

I think one of THE FAITHFUL just threw up in a popcorn bag because the tension of an elimination game runs high. Or maybe it was the Yukon Jack.

Leadoff double to start he 8th.  THE FAITHFUL are quiet, except for the wretching dude.

And just like that tie game.

Now we are doing The Carlton going into the bottom of the inning.

Going into the 9th as Michael Snyder strikes out and says a very bad word. Little Bads is impressed.

Epps with another K. Definitely not Mike Epps’ kid.

Delino Deshields Jr. is up to bat. I smell neptotism.

And into the tenth inning we go. Oh, no! Trainwreck! It will be a long bus ride to Lancaster.

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