66er Playoff Game Notes

I have a few game summaries that I never posted her from the 66er playoff run last year. This was an early game against the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes:

Quakes blow a sure scoring opportunity when the second baseman does the type face plant on the way home that is usually only seen executed by 18 year old Irish lads on St. Patrick’s Day.

Park is already packed up for winter – a sad day when the beer gardens are mothballed.

No one is here to watch prospects; they are here to taste playoff victory—flags fly forever, even in San Bernardino – unless they are stolen by hobos.

66ers go up by one – Sound The Horn!

Broken bat singles are keys to victory, but only if the fool batting behind you doesn’t whiff.

Smoke the water; fire in the sky. Flash flood warning.

66er pitcher serving up BP.

Quakes run themselves into another dumb out.

Hey Coyle, remember when you a bona fide prospect? Glory Days!

There is one fat bald fuck on the dugout between innings. Reinforced concrete is a wonderful invention.

No Annies here because summer kisses don’t last to September.

Old drunk with a big ass staff is sitting in front of me, mumbling into a cell phone.

Andy Bemboom is sorely lack the power his name advertises.

My kid is finishing his latest Rick Riordan novel instead of watching the game, Look, I am all for the love of reading, but this is the playoffs!

Lot of Quakes fans here – the battle of the IE is raging — so far the biggest casualty is still housing values.

The bacon wrapped hot dog stand is closed. I am not sure I want to live in a world without bacon wrapped hot dogs. The Belgian Waffle stand is open though.

Tie game.

Some obese old lady just called the 66ers lead off hitter a lazy bastard for not beating out a throw. This is the playoffs, and tensions run high, but I wonder if she has a job, or if she just eats sweets. Hey Grandma, why don’t you hustle up to the Belgian Waffle Stand for me?

No pride – grown men wearing chicken suits to get Hooters’ food.

Playing “Dancing Queen” as the opposition batting music seems a bit homophobic, but this is the playoffs, and tensions run high,

Pitching change in the fourth because the one run lead must be protected because this is the playoffs, and tensions run high.

Pitching change FAILS as the reliever walks in the tying run.

Coyle makes the heckler pay with a RBI triple!

66ers regain the lead! Sound the HORN!

Little Bads reading profanity off the lips of frustrated ballplayers – much better than Riordan novels.

Fifth Inning Flyby never gets old, even without the Beer Gardens.

Quakes run themselves out of another inning.

Sound The Horn! Free tacos from the Jack In The Box!

Bernie the Mascot is beloved around these parts, but I will never forgive him for shooting The Bug in cold blood. One day, Bernie, one day. I will avenge The Bug.

The Five Guys “Jr ,Announcer” is stuttering. I know this is the playoffs, and tensions are high, but pull it together, Kid. Plus, what is up with your hair? Do you have mange?

66ers win!

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