66er Game Notes: First Game of Championship Series

I have a few game summaries that I never posted her from the 66er playoff run last year. This was the first game against the San Jose Giants:

Bigger crowd tonight at San Manuel Stadium because this is the start of taking home all the marbles.  A lot of these people have been hit by low limbs in the Ugly Forest.

The crowd is tense because there is no Thirsty Thursday tonight, which is enough to piss off the Pope. However, the Strikeout Batter is happening.

PA with wonderful news — Thirsty Thursday is back on! The crowd goes wild, and the mad dash for the concessions begins. And the beer gardens, gone for the playoffs, are re-opened! Brilliant strategy by the owners!

Dueling Banjo Cam plays the “Deliverance” song. Dudes are playing the Air Banjo to get on the big screen.

The Faithful have bathed – must be going line dancing at the Branding Iron after the game, which would explain their cowboy hats.

SOUND THE HORN! 66ers take a 1-0 lead in the first. Will it stand?66er have their number two hitter bunt in the third inning with no outs to move the runner because no one wants to see a big inning on a school night. And the middle of the order fails to deliver, once again illustrating that when you play for one run, often you get none. 1-0 after three. Will it stand?

Jay Johnstone is at the game signing autographs because championships series bring out the stars.

Beautiful barehanded play by the 66ers second baseman on a slow bouncer to end the fourth inning.

The Strikeout Batter promotion has changed for the worse — it used to be the entire stadium received dollar beer. Now because of Corporate America, and MADD one section gets Red Robin coupons. What type of horseshit is this? Senator Barbara “Babs” Boxer will be getting a letter in the morning.  Meanwhile, Sec 109 is getting some Red Robin.

Moo and Brew is not an eloquent name for a fine steakhouse.

Still 1-0 after the sixth. Will it stand? Quick game – not even 8:30 yet. If this game gets to the bullpen though, it could last well into the morning.

And suddenly, the smell of a rotting corpse rolls across the stadium. Dead hobo or a bad omen?

The song after the seventh inning stretch has switched from Journey ‘ “Don’t Stop Believing” to Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” then the organist comes in with “Kasmir” as the inning starts. What, no Hannah Montana?

And just like that, Miley Cyrus is the opposition batter music.  And just like that, there is a baserunner.

There are about 50 San Jose fans here. Don’t you people got not no jobs?

After the top of the eighth, still 1-0. Will it hold?

The guy who bunted in the third? 2-2 since then. Runners on second and third, no outs. One out. Bases loaded. Wild pitch. Sound The Horn! Again! 3-0. And again. 4-0. Will it hold?

It holds!

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