Quick Hits 10/11

The Brian Wilson backlash seems to be in full swing across the interwebs and tweet alleys. Perhaps the Black Ops Taco Bell ad was the tipping point, but I really am amused with the level of vitriol that gets tossed his way by the internet hipsters. Even social cornerstone and Astro’s pitcher Bud Norris chimed in, although someone should tell Bud that Madison Avenue is not in Hollywood. The main complaint about Wilson seems to be that he is not authentic, as if there should be a natural bearded eccentric running out of the bullpen to close games. Would it be better if Wilson were a true sociopath?

It looks like Theo Eptstein is about to take the Cubs’ job, which means I fully expect him to call me to offer me a job in the next week or two. Even if I were interested, I’d have to decline due to the upcoming reality tv show, which should be a done deal any day now.

Moneyball is being released in Mexico with the title El Juego de la Fortuna. That sounds much sexier.

Tim Tebow has been slated as the Bronco’s starting quarterback, meaning that the Brady Quinn comeback could be one crushing hit away.

Alas, Ducksnorts is no more. This was one of my favorite baseball blogs — I have absolutely no interest in the Padres, but Geoff Young’s writing kept me coming back. All blogs go dormant at some point; hopefully Geoff will strike up the band again one day.

Jhonny Peralta and Victor Martinez have gone yard in Game Three of the ALCS, two more black eyes for Cleveland.

Brian Stow was released from the hospital today. He won’t be going to Taco Bell anytime soon as he is headed for rehab, but this is great news.


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2 responses to “Quick Hits 10/11

  1. That kid is phenomenal. I remember him for the LL WS.

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