Sunday Blogging (Morning Game 10/9)

Browns Bye week means I shouldn’t have to watch a shitty morning game. However, Raul is here, so we have to watch the Chiefs/Colts game. It should be a real barn burner.

Week Five of the season — I set a record for earliest admonishment from the wife for drinking too much while watching football. She will be disappointed; however, as I am in the grips of a wicked three day bender.

Bud Light’s new packaging of their 18 packs sucks. I don’t need my beer childproofed. When is Al Davis going to be buried so he can start spinning in his grave?

Jimmy Graham is bad ass.

Garcon with his second TD against the Chiefs. Glad I dropped him in Fantasy. It is going to be a long day for Raul’s Chiefs.

Flies are bad at the bar today — I wonder if someone put Al Davis’s corpse somewhere in my backyard last night.

Chiefs are coming back. Raul is showing no emotion — he is a beaten man because Bowe is going against him in Fantasy.

The Bengals’ Dalton an McCoy looks better than Colt McCoy. Of course, Al Davis looks better than McCoy these days.

The Curtis Painter era has begun in Indy. Peyton who?

I am tired of those BW3 commericials. Who wants to stay at that place? Go home, Losers, or go to a better bar.

The Raiders don’t have a first down yet. Insert obligatory Al Davis joke.

Raul already has switched the Chiefs game. So much for the comeback.

Big Ben with the Big Mistake just before halftime. How did that Neanderthal ever fet accepted to Miami (OH)?

Chiefs TD. Shit — Raul will change the game back now.

Strange clock management by the Panthers — very Browns like. They called a timeout with two seconds to allow the Saints set up their FG unit.

Halftime shots!

My Russian senior citizen neighbor is walking around his front yard almost naked. No wonder the Soviets lost the Cold War.

Hines Ward keeps catching TD passes, but he is still just as ugly.

Buffalo is hurting Philadelphia. Fire Andy Reed! Fire Charlie Manuel! Loot Freedom Hall! Sell the Liberty Bell for scrap! Annex New Jersey!

The NFL Red Zone is out of synch today. Where is the Quality Control? This wouldn’t be happening if Al Davis were still alive.

Amazing TD catch by Bowe. The Colts are going all Ohio State and blowing that lead.

Saftey on a running play from the five in the Giants game.

Raul is refusing to watch the Chiefs, thinking he will jinx his team. Raul has more than a bit of Browns’ fan in him.

Houston seems content to sit on their lead over the Raiders. Suddenly they no longer have the lead. Funny how that happens.

Raiders waste a time out. Bet Al Davis wishes he would have held onto a few of those. Big TD for the Raiders after the timeout. Better wake up, Houston.

Bills are blowing a huge lead, just like last week. Winter is coming quick to that town.

Bengals convert a gutsy fourth down. Colt Mccoy would have taken a sack.

Chiefs storm back and take the lead. Raul is still subdued because he knows the Chiefs scored too quickly.

Crazy fake punt by Oakland for huge yards. Anoouncer says Al Davis, wherever he is, must be loving it. No, he isn’t. He’s dead — off the grid.

Absoulutely moronic early snap by Jacksonville that will cost them the game. Idiocy in the NFL apparantly isn’t limited to the Browns.

This Drew Brees guy is pretty good. There are three starting QBs from Purdue in the NFL this week. Looks like Painter is going to lose though because the Chiefs are back.

Eagles just blew their comeback. Eat snot, Philly.

Wow, the Giants defense just quit on a play, and it cost them a TD. That play was a bad as the Browns’ defense still being in their huddle against the Bengals. That type of incompetence calls for… Shots!

Eli Manning follows up with a Pick 6 in the Red Zone. That is a wrap for the morning games.

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