Saturday Night Drunk Blogging (Al Davis Edition)

Second rain delay in Texas causes Bobby and I to breakout the laptop. Ohio State just gave up a big lead. John Cooper is alive and well, and the collpase appears to be complete. Did Nebraska score too quickly? Upon further review: nope.

UCLA vs Washington State on the other TV. This might be the worst game of the day. Aren’t paintball championships still televised? WSU QB delay of game. The Browns should draft that kid — he’d fit right in the Browns’ system.

I just heard that the IRS is the largest and most powerful collection agency in the world. I had no idea.

I wonder what the appropriate waiting time should be before society should start making Al Davis jokes. I have no iintention of wating for that time to pass. The NlFL should contract the Raiders tonight — pull the plug on the franchise tonight, just like someone finally did with Al.

One on One with Robbie Benson is on. Those socks! Those Shorts! Those teeth!

Long UCLA touchdown. The Apocalypse is upon us. Wait, we are saved by instant replay. Shots! To staving off the Apocalypse!

Eric Karros should be exiled someplace far, far away, preferrably along with Ray Romano. Stand up for Al, Ray! Then drive an Audi to a far, far away place with Eric — preferably the Yukon.

Brian Wilson just scared the fuck out of me in a Black Ops Taco Bell commercial. I will not be able to sleep tonite, which means a lot more drinking.

Bobby just went down for the count. It isn’t even nine o’ clock. That is a new record.

Career WAR — Jhonny Peralta — 21.7. Brandon Phillips — 9.5.

I hope Terry Francons becomes the Wally Pipp of broadcasting. I hope Joe Buck takes a ride with Eric and Ray.

Legends aren’t born in October, but the seeds of Ed Sprague type contracts are sown. That Brian Wilson Taco Bell commercial is on again. I might let that guy do shots with me. Or I might just beat his ass.

I have a Droid phone, and it doesn’t do any of these things in these weird commericals, which is a good thing. I am not up for that Terminator shit. I just want to call, text, and check scores. I use my grenade launcher to fight bad guys.

Shots! Just in time for a boner pill commercial.

Rangers win. Bed time.

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