Sunday Morning Blogging

Browns defense holds on Miami’s first drive of the game. Offense gets bad field position.

Colt McCoy pick on a very bad pass. Browns’ playoff chances are in jeopardy.

It’s drizzling here this morning, and the high is only supposed to be 80 degrees. Who says Southern California doesn’t have a change in seasons? It is a good thing I still have sweat pants in my wardrobe.

TD Miami. The Year of The Comeback must continue. I don’t feel it today.

Patriots are knocking on the door, ready to score. Buffalo will go down hard today. On cue, Patriots score on a Brady pass to his TE.

Eli Manning with a TD pass! I think I have him in my brother’s fantasy league. I hope we started him.

McCoy overthrows a wide open Cribbs for a TD. Browns have to punt. Like I said, not feeling it today. Sign David Garrard.

Houston taking it to the Saints early. The over in that game looks like a lock, even though Houston settles for a FG.

Henne hasn’t thrown an incomplete pass yet. Now he does. The worm has turned! Browns recover a fumble. Bush holds onto the ball as well as he holds onto Heismans.

Red Sox are losing (again). what a choke. Too bad the Angels are Rays seem content to embrace the offseason.

Another bad pass from McCoy. Another Browns’ punt. Another Henne completion. Browns sack Henne. Browns leads the AFC in sacks with seven. Missed FG. Browns dodge a bullet.

Browns penalty on first down. Punt now before bad things happen. Another McCoy miss. Watson bails out McCoy — first down. McCoy pulls his head out of his ass and throws a 33 yrd TD pass. Take that, Powell.

Henne misses badly. Browns hold.

Shit, Kenny Britt is hurt. My fantasy season is in jeopardy.

Browns punt. Imagine that. Browns ready to give upa ascore right before half.

Steven Johnson TD — the Bills have life.

Browns hold to a FG — moral victory. Browns get the ball to start second half. Sign and suit up Garrard.

Brady throws an INT. Demigods aren’t supposed to do that.

Monsoon in Carolina. That game is going to be a muddy mess. The refs looks like they are hating life — I feel their pain; this drizzle is making my backyard damp. Hail Mary comes through in the flood for Carolina. Mary is such a saucy wench.

McCoy starts the second half with a first down completion. I guess the Garrard signing didn’t happen. The All Prop White Running Back has strep throat. Kevin Mack would have numbed that with some cocaine to play. They don’t make players like that anymore.

How does the tight end jump off sides? Watson redeems himself, then the Browns go all predictable. Kick the FG now. Drive stalls in the Red Zone. Dawson FG — at lerast the Browns can’t try to sit on the second half lead.

Drew Brees is alive. Houston is going to regret settling for FGs.

Browns’ sack. This isn’t your daddy’s Browns defense. Dumb penalty allows Dolphins to get a first down. This is your your daddy’s Browns defense. Dolphins driving. Bend, don’t break, my ass. A sack inside the ten prevents the TD.

Bills TD — suddenly that game is close.

The bad McCoy is back. Some might say he never left. However, letting the guy hitting him the head was genius. Glad to see the Browns aren’t the only dumbasses on the field today.

Shots! This team drives me to the hard stuff. Sacks don’t do any good when you let the QB rush for the first down on the next play. Miami special teams have more moral fiber than the Browns special teams.

McCoy swatted pass induces Miami timeout. These are the intangibles that don’t show up in the game score, Powell. Pass interference after the timeout, followed by a late hit. Intangibles. That is how you construct the start of a drive. Browns play calling is how you stall one.

Every morning game is now a one score game, and we are watching the shittiest one. So much for the three and out. Taylor is an idiot.

Time for some Colt McCoy magic — the legend starts now. The legend won’t have anythign to do with good clock managment.

Bills tie the Patriots. Who knew?

Little come up huge (get it?). Robiske is still on this team? Why? What s shitty pass on third down by McCoy, but the legend breathes on fourth down. This next series is going very badly. Kick the FG now and go for the onside kick!

First down! Perhaps the onside kick thing was premature. Randy Cross just said this drive reminds him of Brian Sipe. Game over.

Browns just scored too quickly. 43 seconds left, plus a chickenshit celebrating penalty. God hates Cleveland. Onside kick now — they won’t be expecting it!

What is with the Believeland signs? Believe in what? Horse collar penalities? Double digit unemployment? The River Fairly? Jose Mesa?

Fourth down. Browns interception. Easy win. The Victory Formation. Legends are born in October. Victory Shots!

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  1. Great to get the win, no matter how. But those two 15 yard penalties at a critical time in the game are a coaching problem. That would never happen on Bellichick’s team. Oh wait . . .

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