Saturday Night Drunk Blogging

Bobby and I tonight, rehashing Moneyball while watching the Angels vs the A’s on one TV and USC losing on another. Bobby is still red about the fat guy behind us talking during the show, but happy the Trojans are getting stomped.

Bobby wants to know what would have happened if Beane had gone to Boston. Would the Red Sox players had revolted when Beane pulled his locker room antics? Bobby wants to know why Eric Chavez, Mark Mulder, Barry Zito, and Tim Hudson weren’t in the movie. Uh, because they weren’t getting paid squat.

Where is David Carr these days? Google Search says he is with the New York Giants. Who knew? Who cared, other than us right now?

USC is coing back. USC is now winning. USC isn’t going to a bowl, and Lane Kiffin is still a moron.

Reminder to self — Bobby is always correct about Super Bowl loctions; don’t argue with him on that topic. A Super Bowl in NYC? Go Browns! Way to hold out for a cold weather Super Bowl.

Ivan Rodriguez is still throwing out baserunners in Major League Baseball.

USC is now losing again, but driving. They sure could use that XP they pissed away. USC fumble. Ooops.

Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox pretty much ended my fantasy championship run. Bobby says Carl Crawford is cross eyed. I think he is mistaken — the Red Sox crack medical staff would have noticed that.

The Angels will be paying Torri Hunter and Vernon Wells a combined 39 million next year. Perhaps their GM should go see Moneyball. What does Hunter have two “r’s” in his name? Does he know Jamaal?

USC is going down hard. They won’t be ranked anymore. Let the Hackett Era II commence and let the Pete Carroll death watch begin.

Now watching Oregon and Arizona. Something is wrong with us, but the game looks amazing in HD.

We are planning our next great adventure — hitting a top NCAA football rivalry every year. We are arguing about what game to go to first. I say Auburn/Alabama; Bobby says Oklahoma/Texas. Compromise: Lafayette vs. Lehigh.

NFL Netork on now — time for bed. But first… shots!

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