Sunday Blogging Afternoon Game

I think this is the first time the Browns have been in first place after three weeks in my children’s life. Of course, the Browns opponents’ record is a combined 1-7, so perhaps the Browns aren’t true contenders… yet.

Buffalo is a team that knows not to score too quickly — taking a knee on the one yard line to work the clock. Too bad they don’t seem to be able to run out the smoothly run out the clock. Buffalo wins. Amazing. Bill will be grumpy this week.

Lions win. Lions/Browns Superbowl — bring back the tradition. Revel in past glory!

Chargers and Phillips Rivers are off to a dubious start. That isn’t helping Bobby’s hangover.

Sanchez throws an INT in Oakland. He must be smarting from USC’s loss to ASU last night.

The sun is out; kids are swimming. I had to put shorts on — these wild weather swings are killing me. I hope I don’t get any sniffles.

Moneyball grossed about 20 million this weekend. The Lion King 3-D grossed more. Bily Beane’s shit doesn’t work at the box office. However, I bet Moneyball will continue to well because it will become a date movie.

The Ravens are hurting the Rams. That is not helping the Browns playoff chances.

I am strangely fascinated by “Real Steel”, and I don’t know why. Perhaps I need a shot to clear my head.

The Jets are looking stong. Sanchez is putting that USC loss last night behind him.

Cutler trying to mount a comeback. You ain’t no Colt McCoy, Jay.

Billy Idol is on tour. I thought he had died.

McFadden with the big TD run. Why are the Browns so adverse to trying to get guys like him?

I used to think Wes Welker was a Brian Brennan type of receiver (white). Welker is a bit better than Brennan, who wasn’t really that good.

The Snickers’ commercials are funny. The Miller Lite commericals keep getting worse. Perhaps I should organzie of boycott of Miller products on the reality tv show. This blog gets a great deal of search engine hits for “girl in Browns TV commercial.” What type of perv Googles chicks in beer commercials?

These afternoon games are turning into boners, even though some of the scores are close. Cassell TD, the receiver takes off his helmet. The spirit of Dwayne Rudd is alive. Suddenly Booby is puckering, and Raul has hope.

Hope fades quickly and with finality for Raul on a Cassell INT. Poor, poor Raul — that is a wrap for today.

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