Sunday Late Game

Still morose from the Browns – I feel like I was at the barricades in Les Mis and the little kid just died — that little kid was my innocence.

Eli Manning rushing TD. I have Manning in one of my leagues. My fantasy teams give me more love than the Browns. Powell says the Brrowns not calling time out was almost as a creative way to lose an opener as the Helmet Game.

Black47 just left the tap on the keg running. I think he has an audition for the Browns defense.

Bobby is at the Chargers game. I hope he is suffering — he is a kick in the ass when he is in pain.

Phillip Rivers is yelling at one of his coaches. Intensity or jackassery?

Just re-iced the beer in the bar sink — the surface froze over, just like Lake Erie in March. Starting to lose the Browns’ induced depression. Rivers INT in the Red Zone. That had to hurt, Bobby.

Mike Scoiscia no longer has a chin. His neck ate it.

I am counting the commericilas that illustrate the terrorists are winning. Powell told me this was futile because the Browns’ stupid loss was an indication that the American Way has not changed.

UPS — terrorists are winning. What is with the symbolism in the new Burger Kimg commercials? The Bud Light Browns’ commericial with the guy getting spanked trying to jump over the line of scrimmage is a very accurate metaphor about pain. My pain.

The Redskins could be the new cool. Chargers win; Bobby will be insufferable. The good news is the wife just gave the thumbs up for the upgrade of the TV over the jacuzzi. There will be an eight minute preview of the X-Factor after the game, so we have that going for us.

We just found out Bobby was the designated driver at the Chargers game. He is on the way from the game. This will be epic.

The Harbaugh era is off to a good start in San Francisco. Alex Smith is reborn (Colt McCoy isn’t). Stanford hasn’t missed a beat though. How about them Irish last night?

Powell just confessed he went to a Daughtery concert. He said it was like being at Spanky’s back in the day. I think the terrorists are winning.


Night game now. Powell sarcastically said Des Bryant is better than Lynn Swann. After that catch, maybe that isn’t a stretch.

Raging argument — who is fatter, Rex Ryan or Mike Scioscia?

Instead of having Ice Cube promote their product, Coors’ Light market campaign should be, “You can drink thirty of these in one day, plus a few shots. Your dumb friends will think you are a god.”

Blocking seems to be a problem in Week One. Quote me on that. It will be a topic on Dan Patrick’s show.

Bobby is here. SHOTS! I just droppes a Browns’ shot glass; it shattered. One step closer to being free!

Powell just said McCoy is Matt LaPorta. Powell needs to open his heart a bit more. Matt LaPorta is Brady Quinn.

Deion Sanders? Comfortable with his manhoood, or trying to escape from the closet?
Same question for Chris Berman.

Sanchez sacked. I smell OT.

NO OT. Romo has blue lips.

SHOTS! Game over. Back to Baseball.

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