Sunday Football Blogging Morning Game

Pretty large crew here today — have the NFL Red Zone on the new HDTV. Raul is complaing he won’t see his Chiefs that much on that channel. I told him he would probably see the Chiefs’ defense a great deal. On cue, Chiefs’ turnover on the kickoff.

Browns are off to a penalty filled start to the season. Glad things have not changed with the new coach. Free Eric Mangini!

Browns go down 3-0 and are eliminated from the playoffs.

Black47 is in eighteen fantasy football leagues. That is perhaps a bit excessive.

Bengals, on their second drive are manhandling the Browns. Let the pain known as the 2011 season commence. Maybe the current Browns can move to Los Angeles, and the city of Cleveland can get another expansion team. One can hope.

Powell is very down on Colt McCoy — says he throws like a girl. So far, Powell looks to be correct. David Gerrard anyone?

13-0 Bengals — a moral victory for the Browns. TD pass from McCoy, 13-7. Powell still not impressed, says the pass had too much air under it, but the Browns are back in it.

The Colts’ fall from grace look to be steep and immediate. Maybe drafting Pierre Chacon for my fantasy team was not such a good idea.

This NFL Red Zone channel is civilization’s greatest invention.

Long pass, off balance throw from McCoy. Does he still throw like a girl, Powell?

Raul’s Chiefs are having a bad day. His fantasy team is doing well though. At what point does one start loving their fantasy team more than laundry? In the Chiefs’ case, I would bet sooner than later.

The All State commerical with the ref on a pass of destruction out of the stadium is hysterical.

Browns have ten penalties in the first half. I bet Indians’ closer Chris Perez has something to say about that.

At halftime, my sphincter informed me that there is a very high possibility that I will shit my pants today.

Powell said that he should have moved to Baltimore when the Browns did. And changed his name also.

The poor, poor Pittsburgh Steelers are getting crushed. Omar Epps is so upset on the sidleine that he might not reurn to House.

Seventeen unanswered points for the Browns — not nearly enough. Pain is still in the forecast.

Vick did something special, but no replay on the RZ channel because it went to the Chiefs’ game. Raul is in agony.

Cribbs with the big play on special teams after the offense trips on its dick. Replay overturns it. Browns are the slowest game of the day because of people like Marvin Lewis.

Monsters of the Midway banner in Chicago — that is so 1985.

Browns now have four sacks, and I am tired of the Miller Lite Man Up commericals. It is light beer that you are drinking, you pussies. Have some Jim Beam and STFU.

SHOTS! First of the season. Bengals’ Green is displaying very poor sportsmanship on the sidelines. Have some Miller Lite, Pussy. Share it with your injured teammate who is holding up the game.

Browns are going to blow this game. The Irish guy punting needs to go back to his bog and take the offensive play caller with him.

Suddenly, Green is not such a pussy as the entire defense falls asleep. Why no defensive timeout? Retards. Suddenly, I am in not such a good move anymore. I need to make fun of Raul to feel better.

I smell overtime. Greg Little just took out Cribbs on the punt return. Pure genius — don’t score to0 quickly. Oh wait, Colt McCoy is the QB — no late game drives because he thinks offensive linemen are passing targets on fourth down. The familiar pain is back.

Cedric Benson TD. I have him in my fantasy league. YES! Eat shit, Browns. If you are too stupid to a call a defensive timeout, my loyalties lie with my fantasy team. Plus, the Bengals scored too quickly. TD, onside kick, back in business. Cleveland Browns’ Stadium is almost empty — where did all the pussies go? To drink Miller Lite?

Lions win. Detroit is a better city than Cleveland because Colt McCoy is not a leader of men.


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