Gleeman on Moneyball

Aaron Gleeman, the internet god who was a co-founder of The Hardball Times when he was a kid living with his parents, just wrote a positive review of the soon to be released Moneyball. I wasn’t invited to the advance screening because the studio heads obviously don’t remember me from The Wildly Popular Other Blog, but Gleeman was.

I met Gleeman at SABR 41 — I sat next to him at lunch one day and discussed the 1995-96 Indians with him. Sometimes when you meet someone you have admired for a long time, you are disappointed when that guy turns out to be a dick. This wasn’t the case at all with Gleeman — he was one of the most laid back characters I’ve ever met. The guy has a soft spot for beer also — not the raging alcoholic soft spot, but the appreciation of a sustained buzz. For that reason, I respect his take on Brad Pitt’s new vehicle. Of course, if he is wrong, then he will an unwilling guest on my upcoming reality TV show when we crash his show.

Hollywood hasn’t produced a good baseball movie for a long time, so hopefully Gleeman is correct. I have a good feeling about this one though.

Speaking of The Hardball Times, Steve Treder recently embarked on an interesting project Countermanding the Colavito Curse. Treder is a cool cat I met at SABR also.

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