Chill, Blue

There has been a sharp spike in ejections in Major League baseball in the past week — umpires have tossed thirteen players or managers. That is nine percent of the season total in the past seven calendar days.

Umpire Rob Drake, the recipient of the Yadier Molina spittle fest, raised his league leading total to seven this week when Molina went bat shit insane, but the King of the Heave, Bob Davidson, caught him tonight when he ejected Cubs’ right fielder Tyler Colvin and manager Mike Quade. Davidson is an old timer that probably spends his off days setting booby traps in his lawn to keep away neighborhood kids while yelling, “This house will not negotiate with terrorists!”

Coming into this season, Davidson’s ejection rate was twice the MLB norm. He ejected eleven people last year (led the league), including a fan. When it comes to calling balls and strikes, Davidson is about as middle as the road as they come — his career W/9 IP and K/9 are both right around league average. However, Davidson does not play well with others. Indians’ fans might remember Davidson as the umpire involved in Eric Wedge’s more epic ejection. Drake ejected Manny Acta this May, but Drake is not known for a quick trigger these days, although early in his career when he was a call up umpire, he ran more than a few people.

So far this year, 147 players or managers have been ejected by umpires. Last year, the final tally was 203. Right now, umpires are on pace to eject about 10-15 more players/managers than last year. I blame steroids and Frank McCourt.


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4 responses to “Chill, Blue

  1. I saw a guy get tossed in the Yankees/White Sox game last night for a reaction to a bang-bang play at first. It looked like nothing, like it wouldn’t have even been a technical foul in the NBA.

    Throwing out a manger for arguing is one thing; the manger might want to get tossed. But it doesn’t affect the game like tossing a player.

  2. That was Marvin Hudson, the guy that change the score three innings later in an Indians/O’s game in 2007.

    As for last night, the White Sox were getting their ass kicked, the call was correct, and Bruney said one of the magic words. His pitching coach blasted him in the press today.

  3. People Need to Learn

    I didn’t even realize that there were that many ejections on a yearly basis.

    My question is – if instant replay was brought back, would that cut back on the amount of ejections?

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