The Cleveland Indians erupted for fourteen hits to support Justin Masterson’s Quality Start, leaving Boston with a four game spit. The Indians had thirty-nine hits in the series — almost twenty percent of their hit totals in July. The Savior, Fukudome, even looked like he belonged in a Major League lineup, going three for five with a double. Meanwhile, Orlando Cabrera is batting a consistent .143/.143/.143 with the San Francisco Giants. It couldn’t happen to a nicer team.

Eric Bedard pitched for the Red Sox tonight. I wonder if they would like a do over on that Victor Martinez/Justin Masterson trade. The most encouraging thing about this series was Justin “Babe” Kipnis, who staked 3 HRs in the black heart of the Red Sox. The Indians could very well have another legitimate bat in the lineup and finally have broken their long positional player draft drought.

Meanwhile, the Chicago White Sox saw their playoff chances obliterated this week, losing their series with the Yankees so badly that Bud Selig might implement the Mercy Rule next season. Maybe Ozzie Guillen should have worried less about Sean Penn. The Detroit Tigers lost also, meaning there is still a division race. However, the Indians are going to have to do better than managing splits, even on the road. Still, the split in Boston means the Indians still have a chance, postponing the annual forced march into the Plain Dealer’s Browns camp news.

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