The Battle of the Barrel is Nigh!

Dear Stephen Brown [Director of Marketing & Game Presentation; Peoria Chiefs]:

Hello, old friend! It has been a while since we communicated because my heart has been in the California League while my mind has been in the Carolina League, but our big day is rapidly approaching. Tomorrow is the Battle of the Barrel at the famed Dozer Park, and that is the day of the shot glass giveaway. I really wish I could be there, but I am grilling meat in California this weekend, so I cannot make it to Peoria this weekend.

I hope that one of those shot glasses somehow found it to your desk, and you are holding it for your buddy and fellow Hoosier Bads85. If THE MAN will not allow you to do that, I understand because the Midwest League is a place of law and order unlike the outlaws of the west. I see you are only giving away 1000 shot glasses tomorrow, which seems sort of low, but then again, kids cannot receive them because of more RULES RULES RULES. Also, your organization has only been averaging 1,633 a game this year, which sounds like the weather in April was very cruel, so maybe the number is not too low. The weather forecast for Peoria Saturday night looks very chilly, but the Battle of the Barrel should warm the souls of the downtrodden coming to the game. Still, if you have any extras, Bads85 is your long distance buddy.

Hey, I see you have a Portillo’s in Peoria. For many years, my Cactus League crew went to those in Phoenix because pasty Cubs’ fans raved about it on the internet. It is good and all, but my buddy Harold and I jointly confessed that is was greatly overrated, and there are much better places to eat while at the Cactus League. Since you grew up in a state where people know how to properly grill meat, what are your thoughts on Portillo’s? I would almost rather go to Applebee’s instead, but that would be a sign of giving up.

Are the Peoria Distillers jerseys going to be on sale for the public? I know the hats are, and I know you did not design them because they look like Purdue Boilermaker hats. That place still has not returned my housing deposit. The jerseys are sharp though, and I would have no qualms forking down some bucks to possess one because I am a slave to minor league baseball fashion.

Here is to some fine weather this weekend!

Your friend in baseball,


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