If Bads85 Had a HOF Vote

I started hanging out on Twitter recently because that is where muses go to die, fed into a wood chipper and spat out into an echo chamber like a wet fart. I immediately ran into baseball writers with whom I used to be familiar before I faked my own death and began laying low in the California League until the steroid debates subsided. Just when it looked like it was safe to stick my head out again, Joe Morgan decided to write a letter about steroid users, and the internet lost its mind again, rehashing subjective arguments that were tired fifteen years ago, and I remembered why I walked away from those discussions over a decade ago.

But since everyone, including random strangers in shopping centers, has been asking me who I would vote for on this year’s Hall of Fame Ballot, here goes:

Jim Thome

Barry Bonds

Mike Mussina

Roger Clemens

Chipper Jones

Trevor Hoffman

Larry Walker

Manny Ramirez

Edgar Martinez

Scott Rolen

The glaring omission is Curt Schilling, who certainly had a slam dunk HOF career. I didn’t leave him off because he can’t stop saying stupid things. Because you can only cast ten votes a ballot, I had to make room, and he is the odd guy out. He has stronger credentials than some guys on the list, but he isn’t going to fall off the ballot, say like Scott Rolen. Larry Walker is running out of time, and perhaps that would be a wasted vote because he probably is not going to make it, but he hasa a very solid HOF case. Vlad and Sheffield do also, but they can’t crack that top ten.

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One response to “If Bads85 Had a HOF Vote

  1. Dog

    You leave off everyone’s HOF hero and mine-Einar Diaz?? Cancel my paid subscription and hit an AA meeting. Your brain has left you. Wayne Kirby had better top your auxiliary list or your credibility will find itself under intense scrutiny. Your call.

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