Jilted Troy

Troy Tulowitzki appears to still be playing the jilted lover, still complaining about get traded to a winning team last season from the abysmal Colorado Rockies. He even leveled a shot at the Rockies’ spring training facility at Salt River, calling it a country club that allowed players to get comfortable, and he would rather be in Dunedin. You know what makes a player comfortable, Troy? Extended trips to the DL. But you go ahead and pretend that playing in the hood at Dunedin will help you keep it real.

Tulowitzki is also under the false impression that he won’t be traded again during this contract. He will be one of the first guys Mark Shapiro moves when Shapiro begins his five year rebuilding plan (if healthy), which should commence before the Indy 500. Enforcer Eric “Jim Beam in the Dugout” Wedge should start giving Tulowitzki the stink eye any day. Wedge better be careful though – too harsh of a glare might put Tulowitzki back on the DL.

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