Bads85 Begins to Explore an Occult

So this is the season I attempt to delve into the Occult of College Baseball, which is a rather weird sect of the Religion of Baseball. I usually avoid college ball for two reasons: aluminum bats and the scarcity of beer sales. However, there is a distinct lack of Canadians in college ball, so it can’t be all bad.

Here are some major differences the Occult contains:

Parents of the players abound. In this regard, there is a Little League feel in the stands. Overprotective Mama Bears who would be DEAD MEAT in the California League will snarl and even pounce if their cub is insulted. Dads are often the worst Mama Bears, plus many dads still coach their sons from the stands. Hey disphit, your kid would probably be a lot more relaxed if you weren’t shouting instructions from your seat. Do you pull up a chair in his dorm room and bark instructions about how to satisfy his girlfriend?

The umps are ridden more in college ball than in other level of ball – from the dugouts to the fans, displeasure rains. Opposing fans will even shout at each other about how their teams got screwed.

The player do a lot of rah rah camaraderie nonsense, stuff you will never see in the professional ball. Some of this is because there isn’t the transiency you see in the minors – guys are with their team for all for years of college.

The defense is much more raw, especially corner outfielders.

No lead is safe thanks to weak bullpens, poor defense and aluminum bats.

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