Sunday Morning Blogging (10/30)

The World Series is done, meaning I can end my post season blogging hiatus. Too much retardation gets spouted during small sample, exhibition series, so I duck and cover during that time. Powell is out for the weekend, meaning I might pass my liver today. He is still in bed, even though the morning game have started. The Browns have the late game, so I will let the old man rest — for now.

Percy Harvin with a rushing TD. Fantasy geeks go wild!

Kevin Kolb is going to have a long day — if he doesn’t get killed before halftime.

Could Reggie Bush be resurgent? Updates to follow. Dolphins take the lead. Do heads roll in New York if the Giants lose to the Dolphins?

Ray Lewis appears hurt. Hopefully, there is a great deal of internal bleeding involved.

Giants are emulating the Raiders in terms of dumb penalties. These morning games blow.

Joe Flacco isn’t looking to be an offensive savior. In fact, he looks very Colt Mccoyish.

Slight interruption as family returns home from camping in the mountains. The boy didn’t kill any bears, so the park rangers won’t be calling me this week. The gits has some suspicious spent shell casings though.

I feel for the Northeast’s pain with the weather. It might not break 80 out here today, and there is not a cloud in the sky, nor a breeze. How is man supposed to live like this? The sky, it is too blue! My retinas hurt.

10-0 Rams. Who knew? 17-0 now.

The poor, poor Indianpolis Colts. Manning should retroactively be given the MVP for every year he played. Andrew Luck is no Manning either, so the Curtis Painter loss parade won’t save the Colts’ future.

Cam Newton is no Tim Couch; Newton is good.

Joe Flacco is suddenly alive.

It is damn hot here, but not an Indian Summer because there has been no frost yet.

Matt Schaub needs to pull his head out of his ass to save my fantasy week.

The Browns fans are the only fans in the Bud Light Love commericial who don’t smile, showing only pain. Bud Light got that one right.

24-0 Rams. Final score will be 28-24 Saints.

Adrian Peterson awesome TD run. Joe Thomas will break his femur later today.

Here come the Ravens. The Cardinals’ hearts will be shattered. Flacco has already thrown 40 passes as the 3rd quarter ends. Ravens now lead.

That Dolphin lead is gone. Surprise, surprise.

Getting pumped for the Browns — when will I ever learn?

Marv Albert sounds drunk. Calling the Jags/Texans will cause a man to drink. At leas he won’t be calling the Browns game.

So much for the Saints comeback. Poor, poor Drew Brees.

Almost Browns’ time. New post for that.

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