Morning Game Blogging

Breakfast of Champions today — White Castles, Lucky Charms, and Coors Light. Family is off doing some 5K race; I am here getting busy.

Browns opening drive stalls — imagine that. Defense holds; Browns winning the battle of field position. Long completion for McCoy — kick the FG now so something bad doesn’t happen — like Crbbs trying to run an option. Morons.

Dawson FG; but now Browns no longer have the field position advantage. Tangled tradeoffs like these are what makes the NFL great. Shit, kickoff out of bounds. Your daddy’s Cleveland Browns are in the house.

The Yanks have Burnett at 16.5 million a year for two more years. The Red Sox still have Lackey at 15.25/year for three more years. The White Sox have a whole lot of ugly on the books for a long time.

Chris Johnson gets his first 25 of the 200 yards he will rush for today. Tenneesse knocking on the door. Tennesse not waiting for Grandma to answer — 7-3 Titans. Suddenly the weather man changes his forecast for NE Ohio: pain with a whole lot of misery is back.

Cowboys go for it on fourth and goal. Denied. Take the FG in that situation.

Hardesty driving the Browns. Kick the FG now before something bad happens, like a McCoy fumble. 7-6 Titans.

My brother brought an LA Times this morning. Plaschke’s headline has something to do with Roger Maris’s 61 home run season being largely forgotten. No wonder print media is dead.

80 yrd TD for Titans — to a TE. Improved Browns defense my ass.

McCoy needs nine yards; throwns for five. Browns punt to take command of the battle for field position. Moral victories are needed at this point, as are SHOTS!

False start Browns. You have to love this team for its predictably.

Eric Metcalf just lost his punt return record — another black eye for Cleveland.

Fourth and one, and the Browns go for it. Nice pitch. That might have worked in a high school game, but not in the NFL. What the hell?

Matt Cassell is getting into a shouting match with his coach. I am sure they will resolve things and turn their season around after that frank exchange of emotion.

The replay booth hurts the Browns. 3rd and 21, so Browns throw a pass in their backfield to maintain their dominance in the battle of field position. Nate Washinton erases that. This Browns defense isn’t very good. The Browns cheat and still can’t stop the TD. Hope and Faith just took the last train out of C-Town. Halftime is mercifully here.

You know, if there were a Sonic in town, I would not be dealing with the aftermath of Lucky Charms and White Castle.

Call it a hunch, but I don’t think Marv Albert is enjoying his stay in Cleveland.

Browns defense holds opening drive of the seconf half, setting up the crazy, second half comeback hijinks. Happy Feet McCoy didn’t get the memo at halftime about the comeback. Three and out. David Garrard, where art though? With a bye week coming up, you can learn this basic offense, and perhaps McCoy could be traded for Brady Quinn.

The Volkswagon Elton John commercial is sort of amusing, but I don’t want to buy their cars, nor do I want to put Elton John on my iPod.

Where are the sacks today? 24-6. That all changes now.

Romo makes a costly boo-boo. Cowboy fans should be worried.

The All Pro White Running Back appears to be in someone’s dog house. Meanwhile, his replacement drops a pass. McCoy with the dumbest INT in the history of the NFL. Powell was correct all along. Free Quinn from Denver! Lose the remainder of the schedule to get that Stanford kid. Pettition to play in the bye week to get an additional loss. Better yet, let this team move to Los Angeles and try the expansion thing again.

Vikings are getting crushed. Thankfully, they aren’t on the Browns’ schedule, lest they screw up the Browns’ draft next year.

McCoy TD pass, this time to his own teammate. Browns pick off Hasselback. Could it be happening? Of course not — 3rd and nine and McCoy dumps a swing pass in the backfield that Hardesty drops. Free Hillis!

Comebacks happening across the NFL, but not in Cleveland. Things are so bad in Cleveland that Hassleback’s day is done.

Steelers lose, which is almost as good as the Browns winning. McCoy just went over 300 yards, proving that stats don’t always tell the entire story. Hardesty drops another fucking pass. why is this guy still in the backfield. Did Hillis get caught banging a coach’s wife?

Dalton is bringing the Bengals back. I dropped him as my fantasy backup because I am shrewd like that.

Here come the Lions. No lead is safe when Romo is the QB. Shots!

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