Quick Hits 10/1

Did the guy who designed the Anthrax tour merchandise create the Diamondbacks jerseys — “Try to make them look bad ass, but you have to use red!” Sigh, It was a sad day when periwinkle and its derivatives were run out of baseball. Yes, I just went there.

If I hear this “Written In The Stars” every commercial break of the baseball games, the liquor run to the grocery store will result in a homicide spree. The herd does need some thinning, and liquor is my friend.

Carlos Santana accrued more B-Ref WAR (3.9) than Asdrubal Cabrera (3.7). Miquel Cabrera (7.9), Alex Avila (5.4), and Jhonny Peralta (4.4) had more than those two, who led the Indians’ position players.

Tim Belcher quit as the Indians pitching coach so he can finally get on with the business of tracking down Chan Ho Park to finish things. Once he takes care of Park, he is going to find Nicole’s true killer.

There were 199 ejections in Major League Baseball this year — 98 managers, 88 players, and 13 coaches. 101 of those ejections were for arguing balls and strikes. The Rays had the most ejections (14) while the Reds had the least (2). Manny Acta was the last ejection of the season — I guess he was worried about missing his flight to his cruise.

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