Poor Poor Red Sox

Winter came early and with finality for the Red Sox Nation. No longer the beloved underdog, the Red Sox Nation must face the upcoming, brutal winter with the knowledge that the rest of the country is laughing hard at their bloated failure. $164,000,000 makes a large sucking sound as it swirls slowly around a boiling toilet bowl.

While Papelbon was wheezing, and Crawford was candy assing a bleeder, Tampa was waking Homer from the dead, storming back from an eight inning, seven run deficit. Luckily for Crawford, the loss was in Baltimore, otherwise he would have had to borrow Theo Epstein’s gorilla suit to get out of the park.

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  1. Dan Johnson’s season stats before he hit the 9th inning, two out, two strike, game-tying home run – .108/.178/.157 – His OPS+ is minus 3!

    Proof that the Baseball Gods have a very twisted sense of humor.

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