Acta Taps Modern Labor’s Strength

Local Cleveland politics must be rubbing off on Indians’ manager Manny Acta because his vernacular now sounds as if he is running for office. When asked about the Indians’ upcoming oversaturated schedule, Acta unleashed this golden quote (I can’t even make up something like this), “This is our job. We work, at the max, eight months a year. The guy that works in a factory has to go in every single day, including Christmas. This is what guys train for in the off-season and spring training.”

Putting aside factories and Cleveland no longer have a blessed bond, Acta is referring to guys like this:

Yeah, Ironman there looks like a well oiled, labor machine — a paragon of Modern Labor. If Modern Labor can punch the clock every day, then those poor, spoiled ballplayers can certainly play eighteen games in sixteen days to finish the season. If Modern Labor can lift its chins from its morning bowl of pasta to make it to the line, then the spoiled Indians should be able to come up with some clutch hits when the chips are down. If Modern Labor can work on Christmas (getting triple time), then those softie ballplayers can at least do their share to ease the burden of living in the post-industrial world by reaching deep down to bring home a championship. Modern Labor has the proper Will To Win; why don’t the ballplayers?

Acta just royally pissed off the Baseball Gods and the Water Nymph of Lake Erie with this sappy nonsense — mark the calendar, this is the day the 2011 Indians died. The weather forecast for the next six weeks in Northeast Ohio is pain, lots of it. The Tribe’s loss last night against the Tigers, coupled with the Browns’ pre-season loss was just the opening of the flood gates. When the water finally resides, all that will be left is Don McClean sitting on a statue in the ruined Public Square, singing that damn song for eternity.


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3 responses to “Acta Taps Modern Labor’s Strength

  1. He’s also referring to guys like this:
    and This:
    Also, this:
    and this:
    One more:

    Because of that one quote, Manny Acta is now my favorite manager and I am an adoptive Indians fan for the rest of the season.

    You just royally pissed off the blog gods (they are liberal and pro-union) with your Conservative nonsense – mark the calendar, this is the day your blog died. The weather forecast for this blog is loneliness, and lots of it. You are forever condemned to having only 3 regular readers, instead of the 4 you had when the day began.

    • I am a union member, and there is no such thing as blogging gods, silly rabbit. I think this is the first time I have ever been called a “Conservative” (capitalizing the “C” is conservative is always a nice touch — three cheers for illiteracy!) – -that is terrific unintentional hilarity. This is your second ill thought out comment in a week. My readers are more intelligent that that. You should look before you leap, Captain Underpants. Your zeal to chase phantom menaces makes you look like an ass.

  2. Factory workers? What factory workers? I guess he could have said Wal-Mart stock boy, but they don’t work enough hours in a week to qualify for benefits or overtime.

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