Daily Picks 8/18

Yesterday: Went 3-5, but only have a push to show for it because I lost with two favorites. Who knew the Indians, sans Kipnis, would beat the White Sox faux ace?

Season total -650

Today’s picks: Indians (Masterson) -130 versus Humber and the Sox. If the Indians hasn’t already made my life miserable for the last forty years, I’d bet the house on this game. Humber is turning into a pumpkin, and Masterson is good. Even Matt LaPorta can’t screw this up.

Angels (Weaver) -150 over the Rangers. This is the Angels’ season right here, with their ace going.

Oakland (Cahill) +110 over the Blue Jays. Romero has been hot lately, but all good things must end.

Yankees/Twins over 8.0 for 200.

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  1. Picking the Indians? What are you thinking? Was it because Fukudome finally drew his second American League walk? Or was it because Fausto is now (it’s official, Paul Hoynes said it) resurgent?

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