Random Musings And Daily Picks 8/13

Fraud Hollandsworth popped off about Aramis Ramirez not being a good influence on young players. Hollandsworth is cable analyst for the Cubs. Who thought that would be a good idea? Just what does Fraud know about baseball, other than he wasn’t very good?

Meanwhile, baseball had another epic meltdown this season when Carlos Zambrano flipped out, was tossed from the game, cleaned out his locker and announced his retirement. My prediction is that he will be a Yankee within a week.

It seems some wiccans are upset with the accuracy of a witch in HBO’s True Blood. I suppose the character issn’t batshit crazy enough to be “true” witch.

The Dodgers are challenging parts of the Brian Stow lawsuit, including the relevance of “all allegations relating to gang activity at Dodger Stadium and purportedly rough neighborhoods surrounding the stadium.” Considering the guys who supposedly committed the beating are from Rialto, the Dodgers have a point about the rough neighborhoods around the stadium.

Daily Picks

+65 yesterday — first day of the week in the black.

Angels -125
Seattle +125
Brewers over 9
Tigers over 9
Rangers over 7.5

Season Total -740


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4 responses to “Random Musings And Daily Picks 8/13

  1. Have you driven through Elysian park after dark? “Rough neighborhood” is a major understatement.

    Also, Hollandsworth is right on every count. Ramirez gets paid clubhouse leader type money but plays with a platoon player passion. However, the person most responsible for the Cubs current troubles is Jim Hendry, who gave out 6 year, no-trade clause deals like he was running a charity.

    • Elysian Park is indeed a rough neighborhood, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the Bryan Stow beating. The alleged culprits are from Rialto, which is about 55 miles from Dodger Stadium. Roaming gangs of thugs from Elysian Park do not roam the parking lot of Dodger Stadium.

      What is platoon player passion, other than alliteration that rolls nicely off the tongue? Whatever it is, Hollandsworth most certainly wasn’t known for inspiring his teammates, so popping off about that is asinine. As for Ramirez, the guy has a 123 OPS+ this year and the second highest OPS of all MLB third basemen. If that is platoon player passion, the Cubs need much more of it.

      Ramirez responded to Hollandsworth, saying he isn’t even around the clubhouse, so how could he have any idea what was going on? He said to ask the young players if he tries to help them, which is certainly more than Fraud did before he popped off.

  2. There are neighborhoods in Los Angeles in which a great deal of crime occurs, and that appear to be ‘rough’ neighborhoods, that pose little threat to people who are passing through.

    This business with the beating in the parking lot at Dodger Stadium is not about the Dodgers or the stadium. Whenever and wherever drunks are gathered together, such things ensue.

    • I was there that weekend — it is about the Dodgers’ organization. Gathered drunks are a predictable problem with a simple solution — proactive security. Security that weekend was passive at best and non-existent much of the time (Saturday Night was even worse — -something straight put of Lord of the Flies).

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