Fukudome’s Unanswered Questions

“I am very happy we won tonight,” said Cleveland Indian Kosuke Fukudome through a translator, “but I am still very confused about many things. Why would my manager bat Shin-Soo Choo leadoff? The guy is just coming off the DL and hasn’t played for a long time. When he was playing, he wasn’t exactly tearing it up. I guess because I cannot hit AL pitching that I am not the correct choice. I am also confused how a city that has the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame does not appreciate Bruce Springsteen’s The Promise.

“The title track is the most crushing song Springsteen has ever written, a song about the desolation of unfulfilled dreams, a perfect fit for this city. Breakaway is about the severe price of cutting unhealthy ties for sheer survival, lesson that many here need to learn. The rest of the work is pretty much pop songs. If you mention Springsteen in this town, all people want to talk about is the Allen Theater in 1976 or the Agora show on the Darkness tour. If you speculate about Springsteen releasing The Promise either right before or after Darkness, people look at you like you are from another country. However, the burning question remains — what if Springsteen has become a pop star in the late 1970’s? No one around here even wants to ponder that question.”

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  1. Biggest concern with the Tribe’s newest outfield, one walk in 57 PA. Compare with 46BB/345PA in Chicago. A little weird, no? But his WAK (Wins Above Kearns) is 5.0, so I guess it was a good acquisition.

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