Four home runs. Four doubles. Five singles. A victory in Fenway, despite a train wreck start from Josh Tomlin. A respite from the brink — for a day at least. Plus, Arnold and Maria were out in public together. All hail John Lackey, the savior of silent bats!

Astrubal Cabrera hit two of the Tribes home runs, but the news of the night was that the Indians received power from their other middle infield position as Jason Kipnis ripped two doubles and hit a home run. In a single game, Kipnis raised his OPS .245 points. Meanwhile, Orlando Cabrera picked up his first and only hit for the Giants.

On a different note, the key witness in the Bryan Stow beating case died from a supposed allergic reaction to nuts in a salad. I seriously doubt if some unsavory characters from Rialto had the pull to take out a witness in the Bay Area, but this case is surreal. Speaking of surreal, albeit a much different type, Carlos Guillen took a commanding lead in the Asshat of The Year award yesterday in Detroit. Most involved in the chippiness behaved poorly, but Gullien displayed unprecedented jackassery in his taunting of Jered Weaver.

Hey, Justin Verlander, if you don’t like bunting in your no hit bid, field the bunt cleanly and don’t throw the ball into the outfield.

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