Attendance Champs!

Dear George Bateman [Ticket Sales Coordinator; Inland Empire 66ers]:

Congratulations on the Inland Empire 66ers finishing first in paid attendance in the California League for 2019. Guess what, George, this is the first time the 66ers have ever led the league in per game attendance. I certainly hope the front office receives large holiday bonuses for this historic accomplishment.

Of course, it was not all wine and roses. The 66ers still dropped 3% in per game attendance from 2018 compared to the Cal League’s overall drop of 2.1%. Because I am more than just a gorgeous face, I took the liberty to crunch some numbers – you can drop these on GM Joe’s desk and take the credit, although he will probably know this is my handiwork.

2019 Average Per Game Attendance Change California League

66ers: 2,677

Ports: 2,601

Storm: 2,536

Quakes: 2,384

JHawks: 2,342

Giants: 2,317

Nuts: 2026

Rawhide: 1,899

Attendance Change California League from 2019 to 2018

66ers: -3%

Ports: -5%

Storm: -21%

Quakes: -3%

JHawks: +5%

Giants: +9%

Nuts: -2%

Rawhide: +7%

One things that pops out is the attendance leaders experienced drops from 2019 while the trailers, except for the Nuts, experienced gains The 66ers’ -3% drop isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the other leaders dropped significantly. Lake Elsinore fell through the floor despite having a playoff contender and viable minor league prospects. The 66ers baseball team was awful, completely devoid of talent and anything resembling a competent baseball team (now a five year trend), yet the organization still drew numbers near recent norms, despite horrific weather in the spring.

That is enough number talk for now. I will delve into attendance by day of week and month later. Right now, I think it is imperative that the 66ers remain in the local news. Perhaps someone should leak a rumor to the local newspapers that the 66ers are looking to move to Palm Springs or Fontana. People will freak out, and the charismatic GM Joe can smooth things over with the press, then his ruggedly handsome picture can be plastered all over the media. Make sure it is a picture with Joe wearing one of those sharp 2019 California All Star League polos – you know, the one I have not received yet even though I was technically part of the historic 2019 attendance run.

Also, you should clamor to get the entire front office to attend Minor League Baseball Innovators Summit later this month in El Paso. On the way back to the 909, we can all stop at the Arizona Fall League to disseminate all the new information we learned at the workshops. This is where MilB awards the Golden Bobbleheads. I could get every 66ers promotion in 20202 nominated for a Golden Bobbleheads because I have skills. Mad skills.

Your friend in baseball,


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