Batshit Crazy Marches to the Beat of a Different Drummer.

If you are going to develop an addiction, make sure it is something that isn’t boring” – Bongwater

I must say, I do enjoy the new Starbucks Smoked Butterscotch Latte. I know old time readers are thinking, “It is really is true. Bads85’s soul is dead. Years ago, Bads used to hurl burning backpacks through the front windows of Starbucks (metaphorically, of course, because Bads85 would never commit acts of terrorism in the post 9/11 world). Now the sellout is drinking fu-fu coffee drinks on Saturday morning. He’s become THAT GUY instead of That Guy. Let’s erect of shrine on Zzyzx Road to the memory of the old Bads.”

Yes, the old Bads has been gone for a while, but this spring, he is coming back. I still am That Guy. It is a shame there aren’t more of us. Remember, I was the dude that carried a Total Baseball Encyclopedia to games in a backpack for years to settle arguments. Note I said “settle”, not win. Winning an argument isn’t important. THE TRUTH is — no matter how small. Mulder and Scully taught us that.

Of course I also used that Encyclopedia to end fights by knocking people upside the head. If any of this bothers you, get the fuck out of the truck. As the boys from The Hold Steady say, “Sometime actresses get slapped.”

We have miles to go before we sleep, and we’ve spent too long drinking from the poisoned well of stagnancy. The boats might be beating against the current ceaselessly into the past, but we are headed overland, into the unknown. We’ve lost a lot of companions along the way, and more will fade into darkness as we head forward. At the end of the road, we only need six to be our pall bearers. The moral high ground is over there, just beyond the village of complacency – the road to adventure is right in front of us. You can grab your backpack walking stick and strike a path over that hill, but I am taking the SUV. It has the beer cooler.

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