It Is That Time of Year.

So Mrs. Bads is going to have a couple of surprises when she gets home this afternoon. First, despite my promise to buy only Christmas inflatables, I purchased a seven foot tall Horseman of the Apocalypse inflatable this morning. It is completely awesome, perhaps my greatest purchase. I can picture the conversation:

Mrs. Bads: You said you’d only buy things for Christmas.
Me: Oh, we are using this for Christmas! We are strapping Baby Jesus on that beast. We are celebrating a vengeful God this holiday season. Hell is coming!
Mrs. Bads: The neighbors are going to be pissed.
Me: They are mad every year. They lack Holiday Spirit.

Secondly, El Diablo is in town.


So Mrs. Bads was quite pleased with her surprises. When I told her my plans for the Horseman Inflatable, she gave that “I will follow that mad genius anywhere” look, which means the cannons and midgets are coming out later tonight. We spent the day upgrading our holiday arsenal, which now includes a nine foot tall “Stack of Pumpkins” inflatable. Now we wait the arrival of El Diablo!

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