Greetings From The Road

Greetings from Baton Rouge! Little Bads just snuck on the LSU baseball field and ran the bases.


Story from the road as told to me by my wife:

National Park Ranger at Carslbad Caverns: Where is your husband?
Mrs. Bads: He’s is looking for the camera in the car. We’d thought we’d miss the last elevator to the caves, so we came up first to get tickets.
LB: I hope he doesn’t forget the Albrights.
NPR: The what?
Kat: The pictures of Madame Albright. He makes us take pictures with them wherever we go.
NPR: What? Why?
Kat: It’s an internet joke. You try to get people to click a link that leads to her picture. They click it, thinking they are going to else, but they see her image. When click our vacation links on his blog, they see us and Madame Albright,
NPR: Why does he want that?
Kat (shrugging) He’s easily amused.

During the trip, my wife was chastising me for making unpleasant comments to slower drivers who refused to switch lanes to allow me to pass.

Mrs. Bads: You do it all the time.
Me: No, I don’t.
Mrs. Bads: You even argue with the navigation voice.
Me: It’s wrong. I beat that expected arrival time every time.
Mrs. Bads: You need to stop.
Me: Scorpion, frog, you know the rest.
LB: Dad, I have an idea. Every time you pass someone on the right, I’ll hold up an Albright picture. I’ll Albright them, and you won’t have to say anything. That will keep Mom happy.
Kat: Albright is a noun. You can’t use it like that.

And so it has been. Now the kids argue who sits behind the driver for the Albright duties.

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