Whipping Boy, Thy Name Was Troy

Not too many people hit Troy Percival as hard as Jim Thome, who hit three HRs and three doubles in sixteen plate appearances of the Indians’ favorite whipping boy. Thome’s stat line against Percival was a garish .538/625/1.462/2.087

The Pain! It Hurts My Spine!

Sir Albert Belle smacked Troy around also, hitting two HRs (one being the immortal Mothers’ Day 1996 shot) and putting up a 1.518 OPS against him in eights plate appearances.

Other Indians that ravaged Troy:

Ramirez .933 (2)
Peralta 5.000 (1)
Hafner 1.833 (1)
Sexson 1.667 (1)
Branyan 1.667 (1)
Alomar Jr. 1.333 (2)
Vizquel .955 (0)

The Indians hit 14 HRs off Percival, far more than any other team. For his career, Percival yielded a .536 Slugging Average against the Tribe.

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