Wedge Laughs Last

Eric Wedge received one last chuckle as his Seattle Mariners defeated the Indians 12-6 in a rain shortened game on Monday. “A perfect trip to Cleveland — we didn’t have to stay long, and we got to leave early. We will be in Minneapolis to watch Monday Night Football. If only all travelers could be that lucky. Oh, and we won — eat that, Cleveland.”

The Plain Dealer, the nation’s last bastion of print journalism, reported there were only about 350 fans in the stands at the time of the first pitch (announced attendance was around 15,000), probably because most of Cleveland was searching desperately for Colt McCoy jerseys. “My God, my God, what have I done?” asked owner Larry Dolan after the game. “More people showed up at the old stadium during the Stouffer Era.”

Carlos Santana set a club record for HRs in a season for a switch hitter, illustrating that the Tribe has not had many power hitting switch hitters. Now that the Indians are eliminated from the playoffs, Asdrubal Cabrera continued to break out of his slump, but still trails Santana in OPS by 22 points.

Meanwhile, Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel blew a save, Roy Halladay tanked, and Joey Votto hit into two double plays, effectively ending my fantasy team’s championship week. I am going to lose to Bobby, which means it will be a long off season. In fact, if Mount Tambora blows soon, there might not be baseball for a long time.

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