Holiday Weekend Blogging

Tigers are up a touchdown over the White Sox. Bobby is dancing on the Indians’ grave. He also is ragging on D-3 football because I went to a University of Redlands tailgate yersterday. Bobby is just a bitter Notre Dame fan.

The Reeser is with us tonight — he is the guy on our reality TV show that didn’t know what he got himself into. Bobby and he are sharing college war stories. They used to drink at the same bars at the same time, but didn’t know each other then. Likely story — I smell a lover’s tryst.

Reeser says his shot days are behind him. I call bullshit. Reeser and Bobby are arguing over the merits of Reggie Bush. This will not end well, but I will be entertained.

Reeser wants me to put a chipping green in the back yard — on the hill — chip from the side lawn over the concrete patio. My wife was going for it until Bobby suggested we use a strippers’ pole for the pen.

This baseball game is so bad we might watch NASCAR. Versus is having a Point Break marathon though — “You crossed the line. People trusted you and they died. You gotta’ go down.”

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is on. Bobby is stoked. It sounds like Reeser just had a huge wet fart. They couldn’t make this movie today. Chris Ford as the antagonist. Who knew he had such acting chops?

Tigers have a two touchdown lead now — almost a TD an a FG now. The Tigers’ bats will be tired for the Indians’ series.


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