Bob Costas And His Impotent Lightsaber

A fat person could finish a marathon in a shorter time than it takes the Yankees and Red Sox to finish a nine inning game. Fortunately, New Era released a hysterical new Alec Baldwin/John Kransinski commercial. This almost makes suffering through Bob Costas worthwhile. Almost.

From FUBAR Sports

Costas fancies himself a Luke Skywalker, taking on Sith Lord Selig’s Empire in order to restore the Old Republic in which Mickey Mantle was king. However, the diminutive Jedi wannabe pitched an episode of Punky Brewster during the play by play action as the 1997 World Series raced towards its climax, which greatly reduced his street cred as a champion fighting to save baseball from corporate invasion. Some sins are just unforgivable.

Costas has morphed from a traditionalist to a nostalgic, and since those cultists are irrelevant, there really is no sense poking fun at him anymore. However, Costas took a break from his complaining about the pace of tonight’s Red Sox/Yankees’ game to get in a dig abut Moneyball when Nick Swisher was at the plate. While history has decimated Billy Beane’s 2002 draft, Moneyball is still one of the most misunderstood baseball books ever written because the nostalgics and traditionalists refuse to acknowledge any sort of new thought in baseball. They would rather use the 2002 draft as an excuse to throw the baby out with the bathwater so they can continue their wait without interruption for the next Roy Hobbs to walk off a farm into the majors.

Oh well, the world will always have kooks.

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