Jack Hannahan Is Swell

The Cleveland Indians are now advertising. “Memories start for just eight dollars!” In the ad is a multicultural sampling of cute kids at Indians’ games. What the ad doesn’t say is that those of memories of pain, frustration, desolation, and despair. However, Jack Hannahan, the Indians’ most productive free agent this season, ensured that Wednesday night’s game wouldn’t be one of those memories with two home runs and the Walk Off RBI. The game only took sixteen innings and 512 total pitches to determine the final outcome because that is the way the Indians roll these days.

Stat of the Day: Jack Hannahan has almost as much WAR as Ryan Howard because Hannahan can play excellent defense and Howard can’t.

The win ensured that Ozzie Guillen is once again looking up at the Indians’s asses. “We still play them eight times, four times in their digs,” said a nonchalant Guillen. “For just eight dollars, Tribe fans can have suffering that lasts a lifetime.”

In other news, Orlando Cabrera was not in the Giants’ lineup today, and the Giants scored four runs for the first time in seven games.

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