Daily Picks 8/8 And Ejections

One for three yesterday. Grienke came through, but the Mariners’ offense did not, even though Hernandez pitched very well. The Indians’ total came up short, despite a Rangers’ five run inning. Loss for the day: -110.

Picks for tonight:

Halladay at -165 looks good– that is about it with the pitching matchups, and no totals are intriguing, so I’ll just go with the Phillies.

Season Total: -515

Six more people were ejected this weekend in MLB. Ned Yost and Alex Gordon were tossed by Rob Drake, who now has a league leading ejections. Gordon tossed his bat in a half assed fashion, but the toss had a bit of hang time, so Drake ran him. Yost went ballistic and will be a bit poorer as a result. Mike Muchlinski tossed three players in the Phillies/Giants brawl, which seems like a low amount considering the ferocity of the fracas. Umpire Brian Knight ran John Farrell for arguing a correct interference call on Friday. Muchlinski and Knight have long fuses — both are below average in career ejection rate.

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