Pierre Separates Ever So Slightly

Despite amassing eleven more Outs Made in his last the games, our hero Orlando Cabrera, now carrying a 69 OPS+, has lost ground to Juan Pierre, who had thirteen Outs Made in the same time frame. Not only that, Adam Dunn has caught the Tribes’ Not So Wunderkind. In fact, Dunn and Pierre aren’t the only White Sox fighting for the title

Season Total Outs Made

Pierre — 300
Ramirez — 289
Rios — 287
Cabrera — 249
Dunn — 249

Throw in Beckham’s 234 and Pierzynki’s 234, and the Sox have a lineup that rivals Billy Beane’s newest creation.

As for Cabrera, he was nonplussed when he heard the news. “Sitting that first game of the double header hurt me a bit,” said Cabrera, “but I am pleased with my effort. Eleven outs in twelve At Bats is damn good. Getting caught stealing always helps the numbers. If I can keep this pace, I have a shot. Juan can’t keep it up forever. Since I picked up a few RBIs with, Acta won’t dare bench me. Don’t mess with my veteran presence!”

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