The Mailbag

Wow, one day back, and already a slew of questions via email. The responses from my faithful readers warm the cockles of my not so black heart. Let’s cut to the chase with some answers.

When are you going to write about the Indians? How do you compare Acta to Wedge? What do you think of their chances the rest of the year?

I’ll get to the Indians eventually, but writing about a team with Orlando Cabrera in the starting lineup is tough. Wedge was pure comedy gold for a writer; Acta is a tough read. Unlike most Indians fans, I think Wedge got a bad rap. Acta does far more head scratching things, but he has even less to work with than Wedge. As for the Tribe’s chances the rest of the year, they have Orlando Cabrera in the starting lineup. However, the AL is weak this year, something you would observe if you turned your head away from your regional sports network and looked at the box scores.

Are you still going to write stats stuff?

Yes, I think my next frontier will be about the umpires’ influence on the game. Stay tuned.

Screw the Jackalopes. What about the DSEC? They were as epic and the Jackalopes and endured a lot longer.

Yes, the Double Secret Elitist Club was indeed a fine fellowship of men, and we did bring down a few ballparks (who can forget the beer batter in San Bernardino who tried to climb into the stands to fight us?). Those stories do indeed need re-telling.

How is the McCourt thing going to shake out?

MLB will take the team and circumvent McCourt’s ownership of the stadium/concessions/parking lot by pushing for a downtown stadium.

What do you have against Cubs’ fans?


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