Flipside Of the Coin

Say what you will about soon to be fired Eric Wedge, but the man did run Milton Bradley out of town. Bradley is at it again, moaning that his suspension for making contact yet another umpire wasn’t reduced. From Bradley:

“I never get treated fairly. It’s just me. It’s exactly what I expected. I’m Milton Bradley. And you expect me to get crazy and throw stuff and do whatever. But I don’t do anything spur-of-the-moment, although it may seem like that. There’s a reason for everything, and things happen. And you move on.”

Milton, just about everyone of your batshit crazy incidents was spur of the moment. Yosemite Sam had powder kegs that were less volatile than you. Sure, in this particular incident, you just touched hat brims with the umps. Sure, that doesn’t get a normal player suspended. However, you are not normal; you have a long history of this type of shit, and the League is tired of it. You are about as pleasant as the thought of the upcoming Creed reunion album and tour — a polar opposite certainly, but the flip side of the coin. Milton, just imagine spending a couple hours with four vanilla white guys who don’t want to talk about anything other than forgiveness, rebirth, and their undying love for each other. Pretty frightening thought, eh? That is how baseball feels about you, so anytime you pull your batshit stuff, you are going to get spanked hard — such is the life of an asshole.

Speaking of Creed, just why does their lead singer. Scott Stapp, evoke so much hate from people? Sure, the band’s music sucks, the band is rather dorky, but this guy is treated like he raped the Pope’s puppies.

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